Dmitri Roudnev's Ballet Method


DVD - Ballet Class with Dmitri Roudnev Vol 5

DVD - Ballet Class with Dmitri Roudnev Vol 5 Image

DR05D - Precise barre exercises and exciting grande allegro - Unique training by Roudnev based on his Bolshoi Ballet School and Company experiences - Class exercises demonstrated by Joffrey principal, Taryn Kaschock. This full length DVD contains 27 chapters and offers a complete ballet class with precise barre and center exercises with exciting grand allegro combinations. The class is demonstrated by Taryn Kaschok, a principal dancer with the Joffrey Ballet. Dmitri Roudnev bases his unique training method and technique on his education as a student at the famed Bolshoi Ballet School and on his training experiences as a young dancer with the Bolshoi Ballet. Mr. Roudnev carefully plans his lesson with emphasis on building clean technique and development of beautiful long muscles, hallmarks of the geat Russian Method training. The music on this DVD is contained on the compact disc by the same title and features Roudnev's signature musical direction for strong accents and tempos to achieve the best results in student training.

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